HBAD Rules & General Guidelines

Welcome to the Homepage Building and Design Rules & General Guidelines

We highly encourage all of our users to look over each of our rules if you are unsure about something.
If you are unclear about a certain rule or have a question regarding one of our guidelines, feel free to post in our Help Section.

The TOS is viewable by everyone, including guests and members not logged into the site itself. Failure to abide by
these terms will result in disciplinary action leading up to a permanent ban from using the website. It is up to
you to review these terms.

By violating any rules stated in this TOS or our forum hosts TOS, it will result in disciplinary action leading up to possible banning of account, whether temporary or permanent. Severities will be handled on a case by case process. Repeat offenders and users who breach sections of our TOS that explicitly state a permanent ban will occur for those violations will receive an IP ban, preventing them from ever accessing this forum again.

By creating an account, you agree to all of these statements made here and by our forum host. If you do not agree, feel free to request that your account be deleted. Our forum host's TOS can be found here.


Icons and banners can be sold as separate items as long as they are offered as a set with at least two layouts available for sale/offer custom layouts in the same shop.

No longer accepting payments in advance as it is seen as scamming.

No moderator approvial for the Off Topic thread.
Inactivity and bumping thread updates.
Any form of art trade is now accepted.

Treating Others & Harassment

Respect Everyone
Please be kind and considerate of others. We are all human and we each have our own opinions and personalities, but any sort of disrespect and/or bullying of other members will result in a formal warning. If you are having issues with a member, please do not hesitate to contact a moderator or an administrator for help.

How to Report
In any case that you feel a person or group of persons is in any way violating the rules of the forum, please contact a moderator or an administrator as soon as possible. We cannot be everywhere at the same time, so members keeping an eye out for malicious activity helps us out a lot.

Forum Accounts

Account Registration
You can sign up using any available name that you desire. It does not need to be your IMVU name. If you do sign up using a different name, it is strongly advised to add your IMVU name in the info section when you edit your profile so that others know who to send credits to. The email you use to sign up with must be a current working email. New users are required to click on an activation link sent to their inbox to help deter bots/spammers. You are allowed two name changes per year and can request them in the Name Change thread located in the Help section.

Alternative Accounts
Alternative accounts are not allowed at this time. We do not see the need for members to have one. It may be allowed in the future, but any accounts as of today using the same IP address will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We will disable the most recently created account and message you on your main account. If you forget your log-in information, you can choose the "forgot password" link on the sign-in page. There is no reason to create a new account if you forget your log-in.

Account Deletion
Members cannot terminate their own accounts. If you no longer wish to be a member within our forum, please message an administrator as only they have access to delete accounts. Account termination is permanent and we cannot recover any accounts that are requested to be deleted, so please keep this in mind. If at any time you wish to become a member again, just sign up as you would if you were a new member.

Threads & Spamming

Starting a New Topic
You are allowed to create new threads in the appropriate categories. To create a new topic, just click on the "New Topic" button and click send after you've entered your subject. Topics must pertain to the category they are created in or they will be moved and/or deleted when necessary. Topics/threads in any category of the forum that are inactive for 6 months will be locked and moved. If the owner does not claim the topic within the alloted six months will be deleted.

You are only allowed to have up to 2 layout shops and 1 coding shop of your own. There is no limit to collaboration shops.

By creating a new layout shop thread, you are to update it at least within a month of each month. This includes keeping it updated and informing any potential/current customers of the status of your shop. Failure to do so will result in your shop being locked and deleted unless updated with information.

Thread Bumping
You can only bump a thread every 10 hours. This includes: Bumping your thread, bumping someone else's thread, and someone else bumping your thread. This allows everyone fair chance of being on the first page. This also includes editing a post made within the last 10 hours, deleting/changing its content, and making a new post to cheat the system.

Thread Status
If you created a thread and no longer wish for it to remain, update the first post title with [Delete]. If you created a thread and for whatever reasons want it to be locked and not deleted for possible access in the future, update the first post title with [Lock]. Moderators will go through the threads periodically and handle any such threads to help keep the forum uncluttered. An alternative method would be to message a moderator, but we would prefer you only message them if you need it locked/deleted immediately.

Spamming is not allowed, even if you are the creator of the topic.

What is considered spam: Several replies in a row from the same person, posting about irrelevant things outside of threads that allow it, and posting links to potentially harmful websites.

Theft & Copying

Art theft and custom code ripping of any kind will not be tolerated and will constitute immediate disciplinary action leading up to a permanent ban from our forum and possible legal action from the original creator. You are only allowed to sell things made by you and only you.

What is considered theft:

• The reselling and redistributing of layouts made by another person, free or paid.
• Using sections/parts of other's artwork and using it in your own.
• Taking the coding of layout A and adding it to Layout B with little to no changes and reselling.

If you suspect anyone of theft, please bring it to the attention of a moderator or an administrator. Please do not publicly accuse anyone of theft no matter how blatently obvious it is. You will receive a warning for baiting.

Copying another layout creator's work is frowned upon and can be considered a serious offense. Below is a list of the most common things an artist cannot own and is not considered copying.

• Themes (Hipster, Pastel Goth, Kawaii, etc.)
• Shop Titles (Though will be asked to change out of respect.)
• Your order of posts. (Introduction, Examples, Prices, etc.)
• Colors
• Fonts
• Similar Usernames

If you suspect anyone of copying, please bring it to the attention of a moderator or an administrator. Please do not publicly accuse anyone of copying no matter how blatently obvious it is. You will receive a warning for baiting.


What is Allowed to be Sold
• IMVU homepage and product page layouts.
• Coding for IMVU homepage and product page layouts.
• Add-Ons for use in creating IMVU homepage and product page layouts.
• Soapboxes
• Icons/Banners for IMVU catalog shops.

Avatar art can be sold to go with custom layouts, but not sold with premades or separately. If you question whether or not what you make can be sold here, it probably can't. Feel free to message a moderator if you have concerns about whether or not your work falls within our guidelines.

You do not have to sell both premades and customs in the same shop. You can have a separate shop for both.

Icons and banners can be sold as separate items as long as they are offered as a set, but you cannot have a shop solely for sets. You must have at least two layouts available for sale and/or offer custom layouts in the same shop. This allows artists to offer customs to match layouts purchased here as well. If you are wanting to make icons and banners as separate premades and customs, but don't want to offer layouts/don't make layouts, GASR is a great outlet to digital art. HBAD is not a general art forum, sorry.

We may allow website building and designs not related to IMVU on this website in the future, but are not allowing it at this time.

Payment Methods & Scamming

Allowed Payment Methods
These are the approved payment methods allowed in the forum. Members can choose which to accept or deny for their services.

• IMVU Credits
• PayPal
• DeviantArt Points
• Layout trades
• Any form of art trade agreed by buyer and seller

If you are caught scamming a seller (such as sending a payment through paypal and then contacting paypal to reverse your transation), immediate disciplinary action will take place appropriate to your defense. If we receive reports from multiple members of scamming activity, you will be banned from the forum.
If you believe you see or may believe someone may be scamming you or another member, please notiify a moderator with appropriate proof. All messages remaining anonymous.

Accepting payments in advance regarding layout shops/auctions/any services will result in an official warning and appropriate action. This is to prevent customers/sellers from feeling scammed and loss of currency. Payment will only be sent on confirmation of the shop/thread owner. Failure to abide by the approved payment methods only will receive a level of warning.

General Audience Content

General Audience vs. Adult Content
AP artwork(Adult 18+) in layouts are allowed to be sold as long as you censor it. Any artist with themes considered AP being sold without proper censoring will receive a formal warning and the artwork will be removed. Second offense will result in a temporary ban from the layout shop sections. Repeat offenders will result in a temporary ban from the forum, leading up to a permanent ban.

All display pictures must comply to GA standards. AP images are not allowed to be used as your display picture.

What is considered AP:

• Nudity
• Extreme BDSM
• Excessive Vulgar Language
• Obscene Gestures and Images
• Extreme Gore

What is not considered AP: (GA Compliant)

• Cigarettes
• Weed

Violations will result in a formal warning, leading up to further disciplinary actions including bans.

Any depiction or portrayal of the following will result in an instant permanent ban without warning:

• Racism
• Sexism
• Pornography
• Animal Abuse
• Drug Usage

These are against both ours and our forum host's rules and we have zero tolerance for it.